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NOISETRADE Featured Artists


You Should Be Sleeping - EP

I've always had a soft spot for Canadian artists, and VISSIA is a prime example of the sort of excellence in songwriting that is reminiscent of other Canadian artists such as Basia Bulat, Hayden and Kathleen Edwards, to name a few. Do yourself a favor and soak these tunes in now. - Chris Moon

Genre: Singer/Songwriter : Americana


David Ramirez

We're Not Going Anywhere

Every David Ramirez fan seems to love him for different reasons. I love him because I find his songs to be as painful and/or joyful as they are honest & vulnerable. Whether he's talking about politics, relationships, or religion, you can always count on David to bring his sharp wit and evocative baritone to the party. And rest assured, he'll always be the last one there. - Derek Webb

Genre: Singer/Songwriter : Indie


Emily Sage


Emily Sage brings back a style of music that's been lost. Her sound is simultaneously nostalgic and current. Endless is a beautiful showcase of her effortless voice and thoughtful songwriting. - Monica Moser

Genre: Singer/Songwriter : Jazz


Cory Branan

Say Hello and Adios to Cory Branan

This album sampler from Cory Branan features three truly stellar tracks from this year's Adios. "I Only Know" is early '50s rock with a little help from Laura Jane Grace (Against Me) and Dave Hause, "Imogene" is Petty-tinged jangle-rock, and the surprisingly catchy "Another Nightmare in America" is one of the best anti-police brutality protest songs ever written. Additionally, the four back catalog tracks that fill out this sampler are the most delicious icing on an already magnificent cake. - Will Hodge

Genre: Singer/Songwriter : Americana


Surf Thugs

'Just Sad' EP

The Surf Thugs' Just Sad EP has this combination of irreverent lyrics, punk rock tonality, and surf rock beat that I really respond to, for its ability to be both a great example and slightly satirical of the genres that define it. These three songs paint a caricature of the classic teen summer movie using the images of raging parties, freedom from responsibility, and a touch of humor. - Kaylie Caswell

Genre: Rock : Alternative


Alinka Rutkowska

HOW I SOLD 80,000 BOOKS: Book Marketing for Authors

In an overflowing marketplace where everybody and their sister can write a book and crowd the marketplace by self-publishing, Alinka Rutkowska's book is an easy-to-follow manual for authors looking to stand out from the pack and have their work actually seen and read. She couldn't make her instructions easier to follow, by boiling it all down to four essential P's: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. These P's help ensure that authors produce content that is not only visible to fans, but also deserves to be read. I've read many book promotion guides, and I consider this to be a great one for its clarity, honesty, and the author interviews included at the end, which provide examples of how authors actually work and make their living.
- Kaylie Caswell

Genre: Business & Finance : Self-Improvement


Bloodshot Records

A Few Days of Xmas

Gotta love the oddball Christmas songs. Just can't get enough this time of year. Keeping the holidays unique! - Matt Townsen

Genre: Classical : Americana


Dan Wilson

Two from Re-Covered

Given the tremendous amount of amazing songs that Dan Wilson has written over the years for other stellar artists such as Adele, Dixie Chicks and Dierks Bentley, to name a few, it's great to see him give insights to a couple of them here. Not to be missed! - Chris Moon

Genre: Arts & Entertainment : Biographies & Memoirs